South Tyneside Sexual Health Service Update


South Tyneside Sexual Health:

  • Operating a telephone consultation appointment system for all ages Monday to Friday 08.45- 12:15
  • Dedicated telephone consultation appointment line open for Young People ( Under 19’s) every Wednesday 15:00 -17:00

Please signpost and advise service users the following:

To request a sexual health telephone consultation:

  • Please advise service users to call the sexual health appointments line on 0191 4028168 between the hours of 08.45 and 12:15
  • Please advise young people under 19: If unable to contact sexual health services during morning telephone slots, further telephone appointment capacity has been added to support young people in education & home learning between the hours of 15:00 -17:00 every Wednesday afternoon.
  • Telephone consultation with South Tyneside  Sexual Health will discuss if the patient has symptoms that require urgent care, to request a sexual health test or to book contraception appointments including implants.
  • As part of the telephone consultation, patients will be asked to provide their name, address, DOB & telephone number and will receive a call back from the nursing team, usually the same day.
  • During each telephone consultation the nursing team will either arrange an appointment for patient to attend clinic, signpost the patient to the online home testing facility, other services, or provide advice on how to self-manage their condition.

Details of online testing / home delivery of condom kits below

Online Home Testing & Condom Kits Available For Home Delivery


We are aware of the inequalities around clinic access and have since have launched an online testing platform to increase access to STI testing during these unprecedented times.

The outbreak of COVID-19 and social distancing guidance have changed the way many health services operate in regards to patient consultations, limiting the number of patients in service and operating at reduced capacity.

South Tyneside Sexual Health strive to ensure patients have equal availability & continuous access to STI testing & contraceptive methods through this difficult time.

We recognise and are responsive to the changing need of the population and in light of COVID-19,  have recently launched an online ordering/ testing platform for South Tyneside residents.

The new online home testing kit, offers screening for infections such as HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea and is available to order 24 hours a day from the South Tyneside Sexual Health website.

This new online offer is a quick way to test, very discreet and is completely confidential, delivered direct to the specified address when completing the online demographic form.

The home testing kits are delivered in plain packaged envelope’s by Royal Mail meaning NHS will not appear on the outside of the envelope.

Kits are sent by standard post meaning that no signature is required and will fit through a standard letter box.

The home test involves providing a blood sample (if a person chooses to be tested for HIV & Syphilis)  or a urine or swab sample for Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea testing.

Home testing kits are delivered complete with instruction’s, a freepost return envelope and are posted back to us by standard Royal Mail

This online test offer is available for both male and female’s over the age of 16+

Please visit our Sexual Health website to order

Service users requesting home delivery of condom kits: These can also be ordered direct from our website above and again delivered in plain packaged envelopes.

To order condom kits direct: Please visit

Please circulate this e mail and information to service users & colleagues within the wider team and also feel free to add links to website’s for onward referral.

Communications will continue to be circulated following each government update to ensure South Tyneside Sexual Health partners are provided with any changes to service delivery


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