How to book your Hospital Appointment

Dear patient

You have been referred by your Doctor to the hospital of your choice.

It is YOUR responsibility to book your appointment.

You will need:

Unique Booking Reference Number :

Password :

Please contact the reception staff at the surgery one week after your consultation with the Doctor to obtain this information.

Once you have these details you should contact the Choose and Book appointments line by one of these three methods.

Telephone                          0345 60 88 88 8

Textphone                          0345 8 50 22 50


select “Book or change your appointment” and book your appointment.

Please remember that it is YOUR responsibility to book the appointment with the hospital you have chosen and the above details are necessary for you to make that appointment.

The staff at the surgery will make sure that the hospital receive your referral letter in time for your appointment.

Your consultant may change or intiate your medication; please contact the surgery to request this when you need this changed / new prescription

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