Patient Feedback 2015

The Practice has been asked to discuss with our Patient Representative Group(PRG) various forms of feedback our patients provided to us during the year to March 2015.

This year we have used such sources as a CQC report, the newly introduced Friends and Family Test, patient complaints, significant events and also NHS Choices website feedback.

1. The Friends and Family Test

We introduced the Friends and Family Test(F & F Test) as requested by NHS England and we have used these early results alongside a review of any patient complaints and also any Significant Event analysis to allow our PRG to help us formulate some actions to take forward over the coming year.

a. What the PRG thought of the value of F & F Test

i. Because it is universal it is of value
ii. How do you know what people are thinking if people do not have the opportunity to provide their opinion
iii. The F & F Test offers an opportunity for people to provide a good comment.
iv. Everybody gets a opportunity to have a say

b. What about our results.

i. It is too early to tell as there is not a great deal of response as of yet.
ii. Should the reception not ask patients them to fill it in as currently the staff do not ask patients to complete the form.
iii. The PRG have asked us to promote this a lot more

2. The CQC Report

This was a report produced by the Care Quality Commission and made available to the practice via their website. The report uses published national data to assess

a. The PRG were uncertain of the data and its results but noted that the practice was marked as either
i. average or
ii. better than average and
iii. there was No evidence of risk in any of the indicators.

b. Some of the Data fields provided a marking on areas such as
i. How easy is it to get through to someone at the practice on the phone.
Our marking was better than average

ii. The contractor has regular multidisciplinary case review meetings where all patient s on the palliative care register
Our result was better than average

iii. The percentage of patients diagnosed with dementia whose care has been reviewed in a face to face review in the preceding 12 months.
We performed in line with the national average.
The PRG suggested that the practice was well respected and the report showed the practice in a good light and in particular the PRG felt we performed well.

3. NHS Choices website – feedback

a. We asked the PRG what they thought of some of the feedback given to the practice via the website.
i. One patients feedback was that they had experienced terrible manners –

The PRG provided these opinions on the issue
a. The practice has many GP’s, nurses and admin staff and thus where each member of the practice will experience a different relationship with the patients they come into contact with.
b. Patients can be upset if they are poorly and get a receptionist who they feel is abrupt and the practice needs to consider this

ii. Ignorant behaviour when a consultation was interrupted.

The practice had reviewed their behaviour in a significant event meetings and subsequently decided to rely on a computer screen massage to see if a colleague was free rather than calling into a consultation room they thought was free. If this is not an option then we will knock and await an invitation to enter a room.

The PRG provided these opinions on the issue
a. The person going into the room should come back out immediately if a consultation was still taking place

Our responses to the online reviews met with approval from the forum.

4. Complaints
In the year to March 14 we had 7 complaints and in the year to March 15 we had 1 complaint.

Our PRG passed these comments
i. These are low numbers for a practice of this size,
b. When asked for any suggestions on how we might improve our complaints procedure.

1. As long as there are several avenues in which the patient can make use of in order to complain then that is good enough.
2. Add a notice to ensure all comments are invited, good or bad.

c. The practice informed the PRG that we do provide several avenues for a patient to make a complaint and we comply with national standards. We already have a poster inviting all forms of comment.

5. Significant Events

We hold quarterly internal meetings and also report any more serious events using the NHS England provided process if and when it becomes necessary.
a. We had a number of problems with our vaccine fridges this year which resulted in a lot of unuseable vaccines.
No patient was under risk of harm at all at any point.

Our PRG passed these comments
1. They wondered if the age of the fridge was an issue but we confirmed there was a full service plan in place for all of our equipment.

The practice has subsequently purchased a new Vaccine Fridge.

b. We noted that patients were asking why weren’t offering emergency appointments

We do not limit the number of emergency appointments we provide to patients.
We believed this was the manner in which we answered a request for an appointment and all staff had undergone training to prevent patients feeling is if there were no appointments.

The PRG have given us approval for the current manner in which we present appointments and have agreed that it is useful to get an indication of what a nurse appointment is for so we can gauge how long the appointment should be booked for.

It should be noted that the practice appreciates the way our patients have supported our attempts to provide an excellent service and we have taken on board the comments and suggestions and have agreed a plan with the Patient Representative Group(PRG).

We also appreciate the time and effort the Patient Representative Group put into helping us provide this service and helping us set some objectives for the coming year.

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