We know that people visit their GP with minor illnesses that their local pharmacist could help with.

GP2Pharmacy is a new initiative to make additional appointments with healthcare professionals available to patients in South Tyneside.

Please note, following government guidance, all appointment requests within this service

are being triaged by the pharmacist.

There is increasing pressure on GPs which sometimes means that patients may not get an appointment quickly. Our GP and Pharmacy Colleagues are working together to ensure that patients with symptoms and conditions that can be treat by professionally qualified Pharmacists, are seen quickly. This could often be the same day or next day, depending on when you contact us.

Please read the leaflet GP2Pharmacy Leaflet

Which illnesses are included?

Advice from your pharmacist is always free but thanks for the GP2Pharmacy scheme they can also provide treatment for the minor illnesses below:

Aches and pains

·     Back pain

·     Headache

·     Migraine

·     Period pain

·     Teething

·     Toothache


·     Bites and stings

·     Hay fever

·     Skin reaction

Colds and flu

·     Cough

·     Congestion

·     Sore throat

·     Fever and/or temperature

Ear care

·     Earache

·     Ear infection

·     Ear wax

Eye care

·     Bacterial conjunctivitis (sticky eyes)

·     Styes

Stomach aches

·     Constipation

·     Diarrhoea

·     Haemorrhoids

·     Indigestion

·     Reflux

·     Threadworm

·     Vomiting

Head lice

Any skin or mouth problem

·     Athletes foot

·     Chickenpox

·     Cold sores

·     Contact dermatitis (inflammation of skin)

·     Fungal nail infection

·     Impetigo (blisters)

·     Nappy rash

·     Scabies

·     Skin rash

·     Vaginal thrush

·     Warts and verrucae

Can I get free treatment?

If you don’t normally pay for your medicines, then you don’t need to pay with Think Pharmacy First – you can get them free and over the counter from your local pharmacist without the need to see your GP.

For more info see here

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