Talking Therapy

What is a talking therapy?

When we hit a rough patch in life we can often get through it with support from friends, family or colleagues.  There can be times when this doesn’t feel as though it’s working or you don’t know who to turn to.

Talking therapies are there to help people through these difficult times in life. Our service offers an assessment
appointment to help you decide, with the support of one of our experienced therapists, which therapy would be the most helpful for you.

All of our therapies are confidential and will provide you with a safe place to discuss the issues that are troubling you. They are all provided on a one-to-one basis, except for our courses which are for small groups of people.

Having therapy can feel like a scary thing to do, especially if you feel you can’t tell anyone how you are feeling. All of our therapists are properly qualified and experienced in supporting people who are going through issues such as depression and anxiety.

The therapies that we provide are recognised nationally as  being particularly helpful for certain issues. Please read further on in this leaflet to find out more about the  different types of therapy we have available. Our contact telephone number can be found on the back page.

We work with people who have:

• anxiety
• depression
• trauma
• stress
• bereavement
• and other issues

Anyone registered with a GP in Gateshead or South Tyneside can self refer in complete confidence, no need to visit your GP if you do not want to.  Our service is provided by the NHS and there is no charge.

If you need more details or would like to self refer please

call  0191 283 2937  South Tyneside residents

or   0191 2832541    Gateshead residents

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