South Tyneside Acute Intermediate Care Team

A nurse‑led team providing rapid response acute care in the community, available 24 hours a day. Phone the service on (0790) 997 5364.


  • Patients must be aged over 18 years, registered with a South Tyneside‑based general practitioner, and live in South Tyneside.
  • Conditions or problems seen include:•Respiratory conditions
  • Abdominal pain
  • Urinary symptoms, including blocked catheters
  • Mobility issues, including assessment for equipment
  • Falls
  • Skin problems e.g., cellulitis, wounds, lacerations, rashes
  • Exacerbations of long term conditions
  • Unplanned or urgent bloods


Life threatening conditions (phone 999)

Cardiac chest pain, refer to the Emergency Assessment Unit

Pregnant women



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