Ceasing Telephoned Prescription Orders

Ceasing Telephoned Prescription Orders

As of September 1st 2019 We will change the way we accept Repeat Prescription requests as we will no longer be accepting telephone calls for these.

We have taken the decision to stop taking prescription request via the telephone due to patient safety issues and the need to improve request accuracy.

The Medical Protection Society state that M21edication errors account for approximately 20% of all complaints against doctors in primary care.

The Practice is concerned that unclear requests for medication over the phone lead to discrepancies between what the patient believes they have ordered and what has been actioned by the medical receptionist.

The ways in which you can order your prescriptions:

    1. You should sign up for online access and request them that way.
    2. We will also provide a box at reception for you to post your request into.
    3. You may also email the request to gibson.court@nhs.net but please see here

Please allow 48 hours for collection.

REMEMBER to make sure your email has the following details.

Please ensure you complete the details required as shown below or complete the online form available on this site with these details below.

Date of Birth
Medication Name

We cannot ensure prescriptions are processed if we do not have the above details completed accurately every time. All of these details are available on your current prescription

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