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Study Sessions

Once a month the practice will close on a Thursday, from 1pm until 6pm for staff training, in line with the Clinical Commissioning Group published training program. During the Coronavirus pandemic these sessions may not mean we are closed for the whole afternoon.

Please telephone 0191 5193000 if you need to speak to us, an answermachine message will be given if we are closed.

Patients will be dealt with by the out of hours emergency doctor service currently provided by Northern Doctors Urgent Care until the surgery re-opens

The Training afternoons currently known about are  :-


21 January

18 February

18 March

15 April

20 May

17 June

15 July

19 august

16 September

21 October

18 November

16 December


20 January

17 February

17 March


The practice will be closed from 1pm until 6pm on each of these days




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